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How Do I Know if Covenant's Process is Right for My Dispute?

Covenant uses the best of modern dispute resolution tools in a process designed to follow the Bible's roadmap to navigating conflict. The process requires both parties to agree to bring the case to Covenant for resolution. While our services are available to people of all faiths and backgrounds, our process works best when all involved agree that the Bible is the source of ultimate truth.   


How Do I Get Started?

Contact us at or 270-201-2651 and we will begin the process with you. 


How Much Will the Process Cost?

It all depends on the nature of your dispute, but our fees are always very affordable compared to court litigation. 

Simple disputes and matters with less than $25,000 at issue are generally resolved in a single day at a cost of only $1,000, shared equally by the parties. 

More complex matters and disputes concerning more than $25,000 may take a number of days, and costs start at $3,500.  


Where do Mediations and Arbitrations Occur?

We do most of our work in our Paducah, Kentucky office. However, if you want us to come to you, we are more than happy to arrange mediations and arbitrations at your preferred site. 


How Long Will the Process Take?

Court litigation is notoriously time-consuming. The average civil dispute in court takes from 6 months - 3 years to resolve. 

At Covenant Mediation and Arbitration, most simple disputes and disputes concerning less than $25,000 can be resolved in just one day. We are confident that if the parties arrive ready to follow the process, you will leave with either a settlement or a binding decision on the same day. 

More complex or larger disputes can take several days to resolve. Our aim is to always resolve your dispute in less than one week. 


Does Covenant Mediation and Arbitration Represent One or Both of the Parties to a Dispute?

No. Covenant Mediation and Arbitration professionals serve only as totally unbiased neutral third parties.

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